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Subject: RE: Apres Nevers
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 06:34:37 GMT

Hello everyone,
we thought we should give our view of the festival at Nevers since they
differ somewhat from Darkblue's.  Our rating system is similar (1=bad,
5=excellent).  First a few words about the festival in general.  It was
held in a baroque theatre (as advertised).  This was wonderful and the
acoustics were great.  As a matter of fact the soundquality was excellent
for all the performances, and this coupled with the intimacy of the theatre
(which had three stories of balconies) and a great audience (quiet while
the bands played and enthusiastic inbetween) made the settings for the
performances as near perfect as we can think of.  In the breaks between
the bands it was possible to buy refreshments in the bar as well as records,
and the artists were mingling with the audience.  We've never seen so many
interesting records assembled in one place, and if we hadn't already
borrowed money for the plane-tickets from Norway to France, we probably
wouldn't have been able to carry our bags back home... In short the setting
was all anyone could wish for.  Now for the bands:

The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus:
Extremely good performance, especially the visual side of things.  They
reminded us somewhat of bands like Test Dept. and The Moon Lay Hidden...,
but not really like anything we had heard before. Overall a very positive
surprise.  We bought their CD and it turned out that they actually are
much better live than on record.  This is not to say that the CD is bad,
but it's not very well produced and of course it lacks the excellent
visuals.  Definitely a band to keep an eye (or ear) on.

Sound: 4, Vision: 5

Average music and a pointless stage-performance which mainly consisted of
the two members of the band taking turns to paste pages from various
magazines on to three cardboard crosses.  Disappointing.

Sound: 3, Vision: 2

Daniel Menche:
Extremely intense and physical performance and some excellent deep droning
sounds, but perhaps a bit repetetive.

Sound: 3, Vision: 4

Raison D'Etre:
A very disappointing concert which didn't offer anything more than
listening to the CD at home. We quite agree with Darkblue here.

Sound: 2, Vision: 1

Schloss Tegal:
A really good concert from these veterans. Very relaxing soundscapes and
nice background film.  We actually fell asleep occationally during the
concert, being very tired after a long day, but we really enjoyed this

Sound: 4, Vision: 4

O Yuki Conjugate + Sons Of Silence = Spoke:
This concert started well with three men playing on bicycles, but trailed
off into some pointless techno in the middle part of the concert before
ending quite ok.  Unfortunately the techno part detracted a lot from the
overall impression.

Sound: 2, Vision: 3

Very good ambient industrial concert which turned out to be as great as
his records.

Sound: 4, Vision: 3

This concert is without a shadow of doubt the strangest we've ever seen.
59 year old Caspar (acording to the Tesco catalogue) is undoubtedly a
fascinating man.

Sound: 2, Vision: 4

Current 93:
This has to be the best concert we've ever been to. The selection of
songs were immaculate and the sound great with Karl Blake's bass lending
the songs greater weight than on the records.  The performance was in our
opinion better than any other live performance we've heard by C93 either
on bootleg or on the official releases.  As far as we can remember they
played the following songs (not in this order though):

  The Descent of Long Satan and Babylon
  In the Heart of the Wood and What I Found There
  A Silence Song
  When the May Rain Comes
  A Sad Sadness Song
  Steven and I in the Fields of Stars
  The Teeth of the Winds of the Sea
  All The World Makes Great Blood
  The Great Bloody and Bruised Veil of the World
  Dormition and Dominion
  This Shining Shining World
  Lucifer over London
  All The Pretty Little Horsies
  Calling for Vanished Faces
  This Carnival is Dead and Gone
  The Bloodbells Chime

There could of course be some slight mistakes here, but at least we think
we heard these songs.

Sound: 5, Vision: 5

Overall we thought it was an excellent festival, and if it's in any way
possible we'll be there next year as well.

Hugo & Linn

Linn Henriksen & Hugo Lundhaug,