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2ème Festival Musiques Ultimes
1st & 2nd of June 1996

This year the line-up has been
The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus
Daniel Menche
Raison D'Etre
Schloss Tegal

O Yuki Conjugate + The Sons of Silence = SPOKE
Batchas & Friends
Co Caspar
Current 93

Nevers is a small town in the center of France, located about 200 km south of Paris in the Loire Valley, in the Departement Nivernais. The festival took place in the Theatre Municipal, an 18th century roccocco theatre with boxes and circles. There have been just 285 tickets (300 FF for two days) which were sold out more than three months before the festival...

For further information (perhaps on next year's festival?) contact
Noise Museum
19 Rue Colson
21000 Dijon


There have been some members of the wsd-l mailing list at the festival of whom I only recognized and met Dario.


Some pictures I took at the festival:

Nevers theatre
theatre.jpg (23k)

Nevers at night (from the campsite)
nacht.jpg (32k)

A gargoyle on Nevers Cathedral
garg.jpg (41k)

The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus
raij.jpg (26k)

teleph.jpg (26k)

Schloss Tegal
tegal.jpg (19k)

O Yuki Conjugate + The Sons of Silence = SPOKE
spoke.jpg (19k) spoke2.jpg (33k)

Co Caspar
casp1.jpg (30k) casp2.jpg (37k) casp3.jpg (48k) casp4.jpg (39k)

Current 93
tib1.jpg (14k) tib2.jpg (11k) tib3.jpg (23k) tib4.jpg (34k) tib5.jpg (29k) tib6.jpg (34k) tib7.jpg (36k) blake.jpg (23k)

Thomas Pretsch,